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Pesky dust got under the screen protector on the bottom right corner.
It's gonna happen sooner or later. Dust will find it's way between the plastic cover and the LCD display on your Futaba 4PX radio. Nothing is more annoying, trust me. I delayed the inevitable after getting some dust under the display cover on my own radio. Fret not! It is much easier than you think. WARNING: DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. THERE IS NO GUARANTEES IMPLIED BY THIS PROCESS OR POST.
Tools Needed: Xacto or Hobby Knife

Time To Complete: 10 minutes

Step 1

Locate the 2 small tabs at the top of the radio display cover. They are hard to see and are very small. There are only 2 and are located evenly apart in the same location on the left and right sides.

Step 2

Insert your knife directly perpendicular to the edge of the display cover about 2mm deep. Doesn't need to be very far to release the small clip. You may need to use a slight rocking motion to get the clip unclipped.

Step 3

Once both clips are released pull the display cover up and out. There are 2 clips at the bottom of the display cover as well.

Step 4

Using a microfiber cloth GENTLY clean the back side of the display cover and the LCD. Remember both can be scratched very easily.

Step 5

Re-install the display cover BOTTOM FIRST! Lower the display cover, bottom first, ensuring that the bottom 2 clips seat in their holes. Lay the display cover down and easily snap into place.

Mission Accomplished!

<![CDATA[How To Write An Radio Control Racing Resume]]>Wed, 06 Jan 2016 00:12:38 GMThttp://www.cjheitz.com/blog/how-to-write-an-radio-control-racing-resumeRC resume writing
I've gotten quite a few inquiries into how I write my RC resume. While I have no problem sharing the format in how I write it, there are no guarantees. At the end of the day, the information, your skills and your accomplishments are what will ultimately determine the success of your resume. Still interested in learning more, continue reading.....

Actually writing it

The format is pretty simple. Your name, address, phone, email the basic contact information should be first. Then you'll need to list what classes you run. You don't have to include every one of them but, you should certainly list the ones that you've had the most success in. Next up, list any sponsorships you may currently have. Include the contact name of the team manager. You'll then need to list the racing accomplishments you've achieved. If you've been racing for a long time, just list the most prominent races from the past 2 years. If you're new to racing, list all the accomplishments, big or small, including club race wins. If you're new and have run in larger events but, finished in lower mains, include those as well. Lastly, you'll need at least three references from locals that are currently sponsored. I've found most guys in my area are more than happy to hand over their information but, don't reach out to someone a few states over via social media or email. The references need to be in your area. If you're friendly with your local hobby shop owner, you could use them as a reference as well.

It's written, now what?

Well, you should have done this homework first. It can be a bit of a challenge to hunt down the right person to send your resume to. A couple places to look are on the manufacturers website. They will sometimes have a page buried at the bottom of the website or in the company information sections that have the 'sponsorship' information. This is the exception, not the rule. Most often, you'll need to ask around. If there is already a sponsored driver of a brand you like, ask them. Don't be surprised if they don't give it up. ( I don't give out any information without express, written consent from my team managers) 

I hope this helps, just remember, there are no guarantees.

Have anything to add? Have a question or comment? Leave it below in the discussion. 
<![CDATA[J&T Bearing Company Team Member]]>Tue, 01 Dec 2015 05:24:05 GMThttp://www.cjheitz.com/blog/jt-bearing-company-team-memberPicture
Welp, it's official! I made the 2016 J&T Bearing Company Race Team! Very excited to represent this small company that is owned and operated by racers themselves. They have a pretty active and growing Facebook following and a easy to use online e-commerce website that offers international shipping!

You can connect with them on Facebook by clicking here. When you're ready to order check out their website by clicking here. The owner, Tyler, is very helpful and responds to emails pretty quickly. Be sure to reach out to them if you don't see what you need as I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.
<![CDATA[Joining Team Novak & PT RC Racing]]>Thu, 15 Oct 2015 19:01:59 GMThttp://www.cjheitz.com/blog/joining-team-novak-pt-rc-racing
WOW! I mean, really, WOW! I am very thankful and humbled to have been chosen to represent two amazing companies in the R/C world. PT RC Racing and Novak RC. With the additional support these two manufacturers bring to the table I only can increase in skill and ability from here.

PT RC Racing

pt rc racing fluids
PT RC Racing is a supplier of the highest quality silicone shock and differential fluid on the market. What really sets PT RC Racing apart from the others is their commitment to quality and having only certified viscosities of fluids. This is of paramount importance in the radio controlled racing world. Also, the only manufacturer I know of to offer 'in-between' viscosities as well as offering custom blended viscosities. If you want the absolute best for your machine, look no further than PT RC Racing.

Novak R/C

novak rc electronics
Having been in the radio controlled industry for more than 35 years, Novak is a seasoned veteran of our hobby. With a long standing involvement in the R/C racing community, I know that their vast knowledge base will be a valuable asset. A small U.S. based company, I am proud to be part of an American team with such a long legacy in the hobby. Novak makes the BEST electronic speed controls, motors and accessories money can buy. They offer a solution for every class of R/C racing, crawling and recreational parts of the surface hobby.

<![CDATA[Officially A Part Of Team Durango]]>Wed, 16 Sep 2015 03:41:14 GMThttp://www.cjheitz.com/blog/officially-a-part-of-team-durangoPicture
After switching to Team Durango vehicles several months ago I immediately began racing far better than I ever did with my Team Associated vehicles. With such success, I was so estatic that I was continually posting about how well I performed on Facebook. It got noticed.

So, I am perusing the Team Durango page and they had posted asking if anyone wanted to be 'featured' and if so, to email them. I sent an email in saying I'd like to be featured and I was STUNNED at the response I got. A gentleman named Stuart had replied with such enthusiasm I wish I could have bottled it. Not only did he want to feature me on their blog but, he extended an offer to take a position on the Team for Hobbico/Team Durango. Wow. I was so surprised I had to forward the email to my wife to be sure I was reading it right.

After filling out the appropriate paperwork, signing the contract Team Durango posted this on their page:


Posted by Team Durango on Saturday, September 5, 2015

That's the post that made it publicly known that I was officially part of the team. I can't thank Hobbico/Team Durango enough. They make some really great vehicles and their support and enthusiasm not only for their products but, for their CUSTOMERS is simply amazing and seemingly unmatched in this industry. I am looking forward to a long, fruitful partnership.